Full rendered headshot

  • Soft shading

  • Background

  • Extra character +30$

  • Difficult design +20$

Full rendered fullbody

  • Soft shading

  • Background

  • Extra character +50$

  • Difficult design +30$

Simple sketch fullbody

  • Comby(cell+ soft) shading

  • Clean sketch lines

  • Background

  • Extra character +30$

  • Time to make ~1 week

Full rendered reference

  • Design

  • Background

  • Extra character side +30$

  • Headshot +20$

  • Armor +20$

  • Genitals, eyes close-up +15$

Information Basics



  • Anthro

  • MLP

  • Futa/Trans/Herm

  • Kemonomimi/Elves/Hybrids

  • Scenery

  • BDSM

  • Original Designs

  • Gore

  • Vore


  • Robots/Mechas

  • Diapers

  • Extreme Gore

  • Humans

  • Toilet fetishes

  • NSFW with characters under 18 years

  • Anything I find unsavory. As stated above, I reserve the right to deny any commission for any reason.


  • I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.

  • Stylistic edits will never be accepted. Please review my gallery and previous commissions before choosing to commission me.

  • You need to make payment after I send you rough sketch.

  • Full payment is required before I will begin any work.

  • Free edits and changes may not be requested for any given stage after approval has been given for sketch stage. Every next change costs 20$.


  • By commissioning me, you confirm you have read and agree to the all my rules and sketch that I provide so any refunds can be made.

  • No refunds will ever be given for a completed piece, or at any time.

Turnaround and WIP

  • All orders are finished within 3 weeks generally.

  • DO NOT, rush me. Do not pester me/message me daily inquiring about your commission. By doing this you will be listed in the end of the queue.

  • I will keep you notified about progress or delays.

  • Finished pieces are sent to you via GoogleDrive.

  • You will receive high resolution art (PNG file, 4000px) and JPG version for uploading.


  • Discord💜Kilian#2631

  • E-mail 💜[email protected]

  • Twitter💜

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