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By ordering from me you are accepting and acknowledging the following TOS. Claiming ignorance is not and will never be taken as an excuse for breaking these rules.


  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me.

  • This TOS is subject to change without notice.

  • I have the right to decline a commission for any reason.

  • Any and all forms of harassment or abuse, including (but not limited to) behaviour which is aggressive, rude, sexual harassment or blackmail is not allowed or accepted.


  • Full Payment is required up front before any work is undertaken.

  • If work has already started and you wish to terminate the commission, you will be sent whatever work I have done at that point.

  • If I terminate a commission project due to inappropriate behaviour (harassment, excessive rudeness, crossing too many boundaries), I will not refund your payment and you will be blacklisted immediately from ordering again.

  • Only if I cancel your order due to personal issues and am unable to complete your work, I will provide a full refund. This is the only exception.


  • You will be provided with sketches during the process for your piece, only during the sketch period will edits be free and accepted. After the sketch page all further edits will be between $15-$30 depending on complexity.

  • I aim to finish an order within 3 weeks of payment.

  • Be patient and do not rush me. If I am running late or if delays will occur, I will inform you as to why and keep you updated, do not start harassing/pestering me to hurry up.

  • All finished pieces are sent via Discord.

  • Upon completion you will be sent a high resolution piece (.PNG file 3500-4000px) and an "upload/watermarked" version of lower quality (.PNG file, 800-1000px)

Rights and Publication

  • I retain all commercial rights to any artwork I create. Commissions also fall under this policy. I will not claim any ownership on any character which isn't of my own creation.

  • You are free to upload any artwork done by me to any website/social medias you want as long as credit is given. If credit is not given, I may ask for the upload to be taken down or edited to provide it. Credit is not required for using my artwork for icons or profile pictures/avatars.

  • I only publish the high quality, unwatermarked versions of my artwork behind a paywall on my Patreon page and discord.

  • If you do not want me to publish your artwork, a further charge of $20 is required and you must tell me during the ordering stage before I start work.

  • If you want any artwork to be used in a commercial fashion you must ask me first and seek my approval. Not doing so is a breach of these TOS.

sketch fullbody

  • Comby(cell+ soft) shading

  • Clean sketch lines

  • Background

  • Turnaround ~1,5 week

sketch headshot

  • Comby(cell+ soft) shading

  • Clean sketch lines

  • Background

  • Turnaround ~1 week

reference includes

  • Front pose

  • Partial back pose

  • Headshot

  • SFW and NSFW version

  • Color palette

  • Name and provided character info

  • Background

  • Extra character side +30$

  • Armor +50$

  • Additional necessary detail shots +25$


  • Discordđź’ KillianKuro#7777

  • E-mail đź’ [email protected]

  • Twitterđź’

  • FA đź’